January 31, 2010

FO: Evergreen Scarf

Evergreen Scarf

My knitting productivity has been abysmal for the past, oh, six months. All of 2009 was a pretty slow year for knitting - I finished a measly six projects last year - but it's been even worse since I got home from Korea. I've only finished one project in the four months since I've been home, and that was half completed before I left. I shutter at the thought that 2010 might be worse, but I have to face the facts. It's almost February and I still haven't finished a single project. Until, that is, last night. Turns out, all I really need to motivate me to knit my fingers to the bone is the possibility of beautiful FO pictures.

A few weeks ago, while watching my sister squeal over a bouclé scarf I'd knit and given to her a few years back, I made the mistake of mentioning that I had one last skein of bouclé still in my stash. Leah immediately begged me to knit it for her and for reason unknown (possible brain damage), I agreed. I cast on last weekend, but my progress has been sporadic. Garter stitch in bulky yarn does knit up super quick, but it's also incredible dull.

Yesterday, I woke up to predictions of a huge winter storm to roll through that afternoon and I realized if I could only finish this scarf, I could take the finished object photos in the snow. I immediately thought of pictures of the scarf being used while we made snowmen and roasted marshmallows over the burn pile or of a still life of the scarf draped artistically on a mound of snow. Everything looks good the morning after a snow storm! I sat down yesterday afternoon and knit straight through the beginnings of the storm until I was finished.

Evergreen Scarf

The Specs
Rav Link: Evergreen Scarf
Pattern: CO 22 stitches and knit until you run out of yarn
Yarn: Bernat Soft Bouclé in 26947 (1 skein; 255 yards)
Needles: 6 mm (US 10)
Length: 80 inches including fringe; six inches of fringe on either side

Evergreen Scarf

Of course, when I showed off the finished scarf this morning, I recieved more complements on this incredible simple scarf that I have on any elaborate project I've ever made. "Oh, it's so lovely," my family raved. "I just love the texture and the color. It's beautiful!" I tried not to roll my eyes and reminded myself that this is why you don't knit nice things for non-knitters.